Delivery and installation

How long does it take to be delivered?

At TropicSpa, we strive to ship within 48 hours. Your order will usually arrive within 3-10 business days after it ships.

Who pays for shipping costs?

TropicSpa does not charge our customers for outbound Shipping and Handling and absorbs this cost.

Will my order arrive fully assembled?

Yes, it will be fully assembled.

How will my hot tub be delivered?

Curbside Delivery. Your hot tub will be delivered by a common carrier or freight truck to your home curbside. Your hot tub will ship in 2 business days and usually arrives within 3-10 business days after it ships. An independent delivery carrier will unload the hot tub from the truck but is NOT authorized to unwrap, set up, or do the installation. The driver will not move your hot tub to the backyard or place it inside your home.

What should I do if my hot tub arrived damage?

In the unlikely event that you received the wrong merchandise or your merchandise arrived damaged, there will be no charge to you and a replacement will be sent out. Damages must be noted on the bill of lading (shipping courier’s forwarding receipt form) and reported to TropicSpa’s Customer Support ( within 48 hours of receipt of your merchandise. After 48 hours, it is assumed that your order arrived in perfect condition and that all of the correct items were received. If you are planning to install or use the merchandise at a later time, please inspect the item/s within 48 hours and store it safely away. If someone else signs for your order when delivered, it is as if you received the delivery personally and you assume the responsibility.

Do you install the hot tub when it’s delivered?

No. You will require an electrical contractor. When installed in the United States, the electrical wiring of the hot tub must meet the requirements of the National Electric Code (NEC) and any applicable state or local codes. The electrical circuit must be installed by an electrical contractor and approved by a local building/electrical inspector.  A homeowner should not wire 240-volt spas. Improper wiring will void the spa pack warranty.  

What does it cost to install a hot tub?

The national cost to install an above ground hot tub averages $500, with most homeowners spending between $300 and $800.


Do your spas come with a warranty?

Yes, all TropicSpa’s Hot tubs come with a warranty. Please visit the warranty page for more details.


How often do I need to change the water in my spa?

Three to four times per year.

What maintenance products do I need for my spa?

We recommend chlorine or bromine with pH+ and pH-.

How often do I need to change the filter(s)?

We recommend that you clean the filter(s) weekly and change it/them every 3 months.

Do you offer a maintenance package?

Yes, you can purchase a maintenance package when you register your spa. You can also contact us to purchase the package via the contact form.

What is the maintenance package?

The maintenance package comes with: Filters, Chlorine or Bromine, Ph+, Ph-, Stabilizer, Tester kit.

Water care systems

All TropicSpa’s hot tubs have different filtration methods and are equipped with an integrated water purification system. Having a water purification system installed in your spa lowers the need for hot tub chemicals offering you crystal clear hot water. Your spa’s filtration system is one of the most crucial aspects of cleanliness and water balance.

How does TropicSpa’s water filtering system work?

The water filtering system works with:

– Whirlpool WTC50M circulation pump (makes the water circulate through the system)
– Skimmer (traps large material)
– TropicSpa’s cartridge filter (traps small impurities)

The most outstanding feature of our Whirlpool WTC50M circulation pump is that it delivers a larger flow, compared with 2800 r/m normal speed pump. Its low-speed operation allows it to be less abrasive, but more long-lasting, more silent, and more energy-efficient, and extremely suitable for continuous filtration and circulation. Its low noise motor and reliable base filter 240 liters/min.

The filtering system is totally automatic, the circulation pump sucks the water into the filtration system through the skimmer basket to eliminate contaminants and then pass by the cartridge filter to trap the small impurities. The system continuously filters the water to eliminate contaminants.  

Are TropicSpa’s hot tubs equipped with an Ozonator?

All Tropic Spa’s hot tubs count as well with an Aqua Sun Ozone, built into the spa, that continuously associates highly concentrated ozone into the water in combination with silver ions and MPS non-chlorine oxidizers to get your water sanitized with lower needs of chemicals.

Aqua Sun Ozone discharge consistent micro-ozone cell output with less heat, less energy usage, and less nitric acid. It will effectively remove water impurities and micro-organisms.

Ozone Output: 50mg/hr

Some facts about Ozone…

– Ozone does not have to be purchased or stored – it is generated and is introduced into the water automatically.

– Ozone does not affect the pH balance of water, thus minimizing pH adjustments.

– Ozone helps reduce total dissolved solids in water so that the water does not have to be changed as often.

– Ozone is an extremely effective oxidizer and reduces chemical use dramatically – reduces chlorine and bromine in your spa, making it safer on your skin and eyes.

– Ozone reduces damage to pillows and covers due to chemical usage.

– Ozone kills harmful, chlorine tolerant parasites (Cryptosporidium and Giardia), bacteria, viruses, mold and destroys biofilms.

– Ozone is environmentally safe, breaking down to pure oxygen after its work is done.

The Aqua Sun Ozone produces pure ozone nature’s powerful oxidizer that destroys organic and inorganic contaminants instantly on contact automatically sanitizes your spa and requires no maintenance.

Power supply

What are the details of the power supply?

6-conductor power cord; 60 Amp fuse; 220 V (2 x 110v).

How much will the spa’s power consumption cost?

It depends on the model but varies between $280 and $360 per year. You can also use one of the three different modes to make your spa consume less (check owner’s manual).

Features & Quality

What are the cabinets made out of?

They are made of a high end finish aluminum.

Do I have to buy a cover with my spa?

No, all our spas are delivered with a protective cover.

Do I need a permit to install my spa?

Most cities and counties require permits for exterior construction and electrical circuits. Check with your county or city to see if a building permit is required for hot tub installation.

Is the spa full foam insulated?

No. thanks to our R&D department we have found a new way to insulate our spas. 

All our hot tubs are made with triple-walled cabinet insulation system known as “Dead Air Space” insulation:

– The shell is sprayed with high-density polyurethane foam, well-known for its superior insulating properties. 

– Inner cabinets are covered with thermo-reflective fiberglass insulation collecting any waste heat energy and reflecting it back into the plumbing and shell, whilst keeping out the colder outer air.

– Finally, the bottom is equipped with a fiber thermal insulation bottom plate for an extra layer of protection.

What is the purpose of the circulation pump?

All our spas are equipped with a circulation pump that filters the water (one or two times a day) to keep it clean and clear.

What is the purpose of the air jets?

All our spas come with air jets for multiple reasons. First, you may have some medical issues and the hydro-therapy is too strong for you, so the air jets massage will provide you a perfect relaxation massage without hurting you. Second, to enjoy an aroma-therapy without mixing oil or other product with your clean water. Thanks to our aroma-therapy technology, you won’t mix your water with the oil. The oil is diffused inside the air bubble and pop-up when it comes out of the water to offer you a perfect relaxation experience.

Why Aristech Acrylic and not just Acrylic?

• High-gloss finishes: Products with Aristech Acrylic preserve their brightness over the years.
• Easy to clean: The smooth and not porous surface is less sensitive to the mold and to the seaweeds.
• Resistant colors: Do not ease, even in the sun.
• Resistant to chemicals and stains: Resists stains such as lipstick, dyes, ink…
• Easy to repair: Scratches can be removed by a simple polishing.

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