The high-gloss, multilayered, Aristech acrylic resin shell in every luxury hot tub is durable, hygienic, and easy to clean, maintain, and repair.  The color is resistant to fading and stains, and the surface retains heat for comfortable skin contact. In addition, the integrated Bio-Lock Microbe Shield makes the surface impervious to microorganisms, ensuring a clean, healthy environment with less need for added chemicals.  This surface contains no pesticides, antimicrobial chemicals, or other harmful additives.

You expect quality, which is why every TropicSpa hot tub features a robust, stainless steel frame made of low carbon steel that won’t deteriorate or corrode – it’s practically indestructible.  With anti-corrosion stainless steel, your hot tub frame doesn’t require coatings that could prove harmful to the environment.

Our Alu-Tech aluminum cabinet panels, offered exclusively in TropicSpa hot tub and spa models, is designed to resist the scourge of the elements and stand the test of time.  With 94 colors to choose from, you’re not resigned to just a few wood tones. That said, you can still choose the classic wood appearance, including a range of hues and textures that look like the real deal, without the upkeep.

If you want the best hot tub, one feature you can’t do without is suitable insulation. The “dead air space” insulation particular to TropicSpa hot tubs includes high-density foam, glass wool, and double faced aluminum sheet (as well as a thermal insulation bottom plate, in some models).  This system serves to provide easy access for servicing, protect electronic parts, prevent freezing in the event of power loss, and recirculate heat for energy savings.

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