Jetting System

TropicSpa Hot tub Jets

Venturi Air Injection
Every TropicSpa hot tub features dozens of air jets designed to enhance the custom hydrotherapy massage experience delivered by hydro jets.  Our premium Venturi Air Injection system works by mixing air with water before it is propelled into the tub, adding power to each air jet to amplify intensity.

When you suffer from stress that leads to tension, you may endure all manner of aches and pains.  With targeted, powerful jets that adjust to increase or decrease water flow, you can create a personalized spa experience that relieves tension and leaves you totally relaxed.  Diverting water is easily accomplished by simply turning diverter knobs to shift water pressure from one side of the tub to the other, or between floor and wall jets.

Large Nozzle Directional Hydro Jet
Powerful hydro jets deliver a soothing massage, elevating your luxury hot tub experience.  With multiple controls for zoned massage, you’ll enjoy a unique and personalized soak every time you slip into the warm waters of your TropicSpa hot tub.

The large nozzle directional hydro jets can be adjusted to target specific problem areas, and they’re situated to provide soothing muscle relief to multiple areas of the body.  These jets focus on pressure points in the neck, shoulders, back, calves, and feet, where tension and aches frequently linger.

Extra-Large Nozzle Directional Hydro Jet
Similar to the large nozzle directional hydro jets, the extra-large nozzle offers the intensive massage pressure you crave with even more powerful force, banishing sore spots and overall tension like a deep tissue massage.  Located in the lower portion of the spa, these concentrated jets of water target your most common problem areas, including the lower back, hips, legs, and feet, to deliver healing pressure to muscles and joints.

Easy manual adjustment allows you to customize your experience for pampering perfectly suited to your particular needs.  Simply point the jets where you need them most and relax into the comfortable, ergonomically designed surface of your spa, reveling in bliss.

Extra-Large Nozzle Rotational Hydro Jet
Enjoying the best hot tub experience requires more than warm water and bubbles.  You want myriad air and water jets delivering targeted pressure to different areas of your body for a holistic, healing massage while you soak.  When you emerge, every muscle should hum with total relaxation.

The addition of up to 18 extra-large nozzle rotational hydro jets (depending on your model) ensures high-volume water pressure designed to knead your body and circulate around the hot tub, enhancing your whole-body massage.  As with air jets, these hydro jets offer easy pressure adjustment with diverter knobs that allow you to shift the intensity to areas where you need it most.

With independent control over how the many jets in your tub direct the flow of water, you and your guests can achieve a truly personalized experience that leaves everyone feeling like they’ve just emerged from a peaceful, week-long Hawaiian vacation.

Turbo Jet
The extra-large, central rotary turbo jet provides the overall whirlpool effect you expect from any hot tub and spa.  With extraordinarily powerful pressure focused in a concentrated area, this single jet is responsible for encouraging the swirling vortex of water that races around the perimeter of your tub, even as other, targeted air and hydro jets provide massaging relief.

The overall effect is one of total-body stimulation, with swirling water from the turbo jet softly caressing your skin, while therapy jets work out every kink, massing sore muscles and joints.  You could spend a pretty penny on never-ending professional massage and hydrotherapy services, but with your TropicSpa, you’ll get the same soothing sensation from dozens of jets that deliver the personalized relaxation you crave in the comfort and convenience of your home.

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