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  • Testing and Applying Chemicals to Your Spa

    Taking care of your spa is simple and important to keeping your water clean and the spa running well. Good spa maintenance involves regularly cleaning the cover and filter of your spa and checking the chemical levels and adding the right chemicals as needed. It is especially important to maintain the right chemical levels in your hot tub because your spa equipment will corrode if the chemical levels are too high and bacteria can take over if the chemical levels are too low. Simple cleaning for your cover clean, as well, will help keep your spa working better longer and protect from bad bacteria and germs. Overall, regular attention to your spa maintenance will keep your hot tub water sparkling and inviting for all bathers.

  • How to Clean Your Filter

    A clean and functioning hot tub filter cartridge is integral to maintaining normal levels of chemicals in pool water. Regular cleaning and replacing of filters is actually a simple task that is necessary for limiting bacteria growth and prolonging the life of individual spa components.

  • A Hot Tub with 164 Jets, Who Can Do Better?

    Ever wondered that after a long day, what would it feel like to come home to a hot tub that is waiting for you, so you can relax with a glass of wine in hand while the pressured jets of the tub massage your body to a therapeutic state of mind? It might seem like a fantasy right now, but we can turn that into a reality for you.



How to Clean Your Filter

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