Mood Setting


LED Lighting
One of the quickest ways to create ambience, whether you want the mood to be fun or you crave a soothing experience, is through the introduction of lighting.  While most spas feature only functional lighting for safety, your TropicSpa hot tub includes a complete LED lighting system, featuring coordinated interior and exterior lighting that you control to create your preferred mood.

It starts with functional illumination for your hot tub by way of peripheral interior LED lights and underwater spotlights, as well as exterior LED bulbs in corner panels and strip lights along the bottom of the spa to ensure safe entry and exit, even after dark.  Your hot tub also features LED cloud lights to brighten footwells, attractive backlighting for fountains and waterfalls, hydrotherapy jets and air controls, and speakers.

Finally, you’ll enjoy multi-colored chromotherapy lights to enhance relaxation in every luxury hot tub.  As you may know, our brains respond to color, and if you want to stimulate a particular mood and heighten your sense of well-being, our chromotherapy LED lighting is the perfect tool.

With multiple colors to choose from, you enjoy total control of illumination and the healing energy it can impart.  Rotate through colors, stick to just one, or create dazzling effects to delight your guests. Round out your sensory augmentation with the gentle cascade of an LED backlit waterfall and pop-up fountains in tranquility mode to add a soothing melody to your luxury hot tub experience.

The best hot tub offers not only a warm and relaxing immersion, but a way to create ambience that matches your mood or activity.  Are you looking to unwind after a long day at work? Maybe you want to stoke romance with your partner, or perhaps you’re entertaining a sizable group of friends.  Each situation calls for a different mood and aesthetic, and every TropicSpa hot tub accommodates with ambience features, including soothing aromatherapy.

With the aid of your aromatherapy, you can enjoy the scent of your preferred essential oil, which evaporates and diffuses through air bubbles to enhance the relaxation of your hydro massage.  You never have to worry about fouling your hot tub or damaging the acrylic surface with oils dumped directly into the water.

Wi-Fi + Bluetooth
Music and hot tubbing go hand-in-hand, and with built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities, you’ll have no trouble tweaking the ambience with just the right background music to amplify your serenity, enhance the romance, or keep your evening soiree hopping.  Two pop-up, LED backlit speakers offer high-quality sound for every TropicSpa hot tub, which you can control remotely via smartphone, thanks to the Balboa Worldwide App.

Don’t let the sounds of neighbors and traffic distract from your luxury hot tub experience, or allow awkward silences to ruin an evening with friends.  The best hot tub congregations include a variety of sensory stimulation, including the perfect music to set your preferred mood.

Jet Features
Your TropicSpa hot tub comes complete with not just air and hydro jets typical to spas, but a wide range of jetting options, including lighting and multi-zone controls to customize the hot tub and spa atmosphere.  You’ll enjoy an experience like none other with a range of adjustable and rotating jets that encourage users to create distinctive, luxury hot tub settings that perfectly suit their needs.

Whether you’re seeking gentle hydrotherapy for an overall tranquil effect or you need targeted massage to release tension and promote deep relaxation, you can adjust settings to create your perfect spa environment, today and every day.  Each TropicSpa hot tub includes:

– Venturi Air Injection – Powerful air jets allow for a singular therapy experience that you control.
– Large Nozzle Directional Hydro Jets – Adjustable nozzles help you work out the tension in target areas, including pressure points in the neck, shoulders, back, calves, and feet.
– Extra-Large Nozzle Directional Hydro Jets – Enjoy adjustable deep tissue massage for the lower back, hips, legs, and feet.
– Extra-Large Nozzle Rotational Hydro Jets – High-volume, adjustable jets provide your preferred level of hydrotherapy for your best hot tub experience.
– Turbo Jet – The whirlpool effect is delivered by this powerful jet.

Every TropicSpa hot tub includes an enchanting waterfall cascade feature to put you in a relaxed state of mind with the natural melody of falling water.  Backlit with vibrant, LED lighting in your choice of color, a wide strip of water tumbles endlessly into your hot tub and spa to impart a soothing refrain, enhancing the overall ambience and helping to create the unique, luxury hot tub experience you crave.

The average hot tub has plenty of jets to pummel your body with water and air, but the best hot tub offers a lot more, and at TropicSpa, we aim to deliver an incomparable experience that blows our competition out of the water.  With the ability to customize colored backlighting to suit your mood, the addition of gently cascading water is just one more reason to love your TropicSpa.

The fountain feature offered in most TropicSpa hot tub models (excluding Hurricane-V058) won’t put on the same show as you’ll see in front of the Bellagio in Las Vegas, but with the addition of music, lighting, and two distinct modes, you’ll sure feel like you’re enjoying a bite-sized version in the comfort of your own home or backyard.

Pair hot tub fountains with your cascade waterfall in tranquility mode to add another source of gently dropping water that peppers the air with soothing chimes, or activate spa jets to create explosive arches of water in your hot tub and spa, to the amazement and delight of onlookers.  Customize LED lighting in peaceful blue for relaxation or a bright pop of color in a warmer hue when you ratchet up the visual dynamism with jet propulsion.

Throw in a little Debussy to create your personal Ocean’s Eleven moment, and your luxury hot tub becomes a one-of-a-kind entertaining space for your family and friends, or the perfect facilitator of personal serenity.

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