Design Features

Our customizable design features offer an experience like no other – one that is tailor-made for you. Premium LED lighting, a Bluetooth system, myriad jets, and options for upright and full body lounge seating ensure ultimate relaxation, along with features like waterfalls, aromatherapy, chromotherapy, and more. Every innovative design feature is intended to deliver a personalized, luxury hot tub experience that swathes you in comfort.

Luxury Design

With several elite models to choose from, featuring a range of options for color, seating, jetting, lighting, sound, mood, personal controls, and more, you’re sure to find the best hot tub for your particular needs and preferences. Elegant design and innovative features ensure the one-of-a-kind product and experience you expect and deserve, and our unique Alu-Teck panels deliver endless opportunities for customization with attractive, resilient, high-end aluminum in nearly 100 color options.

Jetting System

Your indulgent hot tub and spa experience begins with a variety of jets intended to gently caress skin and massage tense muscles. With therapy jets, including chromotherapy LED backlit hydro jets for some models, large and extra-large nozzle rotary and directional hydro jets, air jets, and more, all of which offer adjustable functionality, you’ll enjoy a truly personalized massage experience.

Mood Setting

The combination of premium LED lighting and upscale features like a Bluetooth system, varietal jets, waterfalls, fountains, and aromatherapy allows you to engineer the perfect ambience for any situation, whether you’re enjoying a relaxing moment alone, you’re getting romantic with a partner, or you’re entertaining two or more guests in your luxury hot tub.

Control System

Other hot tubs offer only a single set of controls, but you need a spa that caters to multiple bathers, creating a personalized experience for all. TropicSpa is pleased to offer the advanced Balboa VS501Z or VS523DZ control system, depending on the spa model.
When paired with intuitive digital control panels, these systems allow for easy control of pumps, blowers, ozone, and even spa lighting, for your convenience. With multiple massage zones, one or more bathers can customize desired settings for distinctive relaxation.


Every TropicSpa hot tub comes complete with a limited warranty for your protection and peace of mind. Our limited warranty includes 30 years for the spa frame, 10 years on the shell structure, 7 years for the shell surface, 5 years for cabinetry, and 2 years on equipment. At TropicSpa, we use only premium materials and expert craftsmanship, so you always get a high-value product that’s built to last.

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