Control System

The innovative design of every TropicSpa hot tub includes electrical control systems that allow you to enjoy convenient functionality and easily customize your hot tub and spa experience.  Integrated water purification minimizes the threat of bacterial or microbial proliferation with less need for chemicals to keep water clean and clear, so you always have the best hot tub experience.  You’ll also enjoy built-in programmable features like economy and sleep modes, cycle programming, and self-diagnosis, among others.

Our control systems feature a stainless-steel heater housing, high-limit protection to prevent overheating, and a freeze protection system, ensuring optimal and lasting function.  Furthermore, TropicSpa is proud to partner with Balboa Water Group to add advanced spa control systems to every hot tub for your convenience and peace of mind.

Their patented M7 temperature and flow sensor technology delivers an intuitive universal control platform, while eliminating inferior pressure switches that could fail at a critical moment.  Smart current control selects 30- or 40-amp operation without compromising your full enjoyment of features. Your luxury hot tub will include one of two Balboa control systems: the BP2000G1 (with a TP600 or TP800 topside) or the BP501G1 (wit a TP400 topside)

Balboa BP501G1 Control System
This system features a 5.5kW, 240V heater and works with the TP400 digital control panel for your convenience.  In addition to the heater, this system controls the following components:

– 2-Speed Pump
– Blower
– Circulation Pump
– Ozone
– 12V Spa LED Light

Balboa BP2000G1 Control System
This system also includes a 5.5kW, 240V heater, but it pairs with the TP600 or TP800 deluxe digital control panel, including the following components:

– Two 2-Speed Pumps
– 1-Speed Pump
– Blower
– Circulation Pump
– Ozone

With our premium control systems at your fingertips and UL recognized and listed parts that ensure safety standards, you can avoid snafus common to other types of hot tubs and easily program your spa for desired usage.

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