Shell Colors
The tough and durable Aristech acrylic shell inside your hot tub is molded to cradle your body for optimal comfort and relaxation, but you’ll also be happy to hear this feature comes in six different colors, including:

– Blue Motion
– Champagne
– Desert
– Marble White
– Midnight Stone
– Terracotta

Whether you’re looking to match your hot tub to interior or exterior colors, you can choose from classic neutrals or add a bright, complementary hue that makes your spa feel like an oasis.

Cabinetry Colors
The exterior cabinet panels are the most visible portion of your luxury hot tub, so it only makes sense to have the widest selection of colors for this component.  We’re pleased to offer no less than 94 panel colors to choose from, including classic wood textures and tones ranging from light to dark; versatile neutrals like whites, blacks, and grays; vibrant hues like turquoise, coral, and gold; and saturated shades of eggplant, navy, and forest green.

Our vast range of cabinetry colors offers a truly unique appearance, especially when matched with your preferred shell and cover shades.  In addition, our unique, Alu-Tech aluminum panels are not only attractive, but resilient, offering lasting, weather resistant appeal – and they’re only available with TropicSpa.  Your best hot tub awaits when you partner with TropicSpa to choose the custom appearance that displays your personal style.

For color customized hot tub please contact us directly. 

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