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Perfect for a romantic encounter or simply for personal luxury, the Hurricane-V058 comfortably seats two for an intimate, relaxing experience.  Reclined, lounge seating lets you stretch out and fully submerge for ultimate tranquility, as 58 adjustable therapy jets, including 34 hydro jets, 24 air jets, and more deliver a gentle massage, while inverse seating allows you to face your hot tub partner for easy conversation or soulful gazes.  Dual controls offer zoned massage so each bather enjoys a custom experience.


Small groups will love this 3-seat luxury hot tub, perfectly suited for couples, thruples, small families, or intimate groups.  One full-body lounge offers a singular experience for a solo soak, or 1-2 more people can join, taking advantage of two additional therapy seats.  Dual controls offer zoned massage functionality, with 81 therapy jets, including 14 chromotherapy LED backlit hydro jets, 7 extra-large nozzle rotary hydro jets, 36 air jets, and more for endless personalized relaxation.


If two is a couple and three’s company, four is the start of an intimate party.  The best hot tub for the occasion, the V102 features two therapy seats and two full body lounges, along with four controlled massage zones, so each bather can enjoy the level of pampering they prefer.  Indoors or out, this high-end hot tub creates a customizable experience, thanks to 102 therapy jets, including 24 chromotherapy LED backlit hydro jets, 11 extra-large nozzle rotary hydro jets, 48 air jets, and more.


Year-round entertaining is made easy with this 6-person hot tub and spa, which allows your party to go directly from dinner, dancing, a concert, or game night to ultimate luxury and relaxation, capping off the perfect evening.  Five therapy seats and one full body lounge are punctuated by outstanding performance and personalization, thanks to four controlled massage zones and 121 therapy jets, including 22 chromotherapy LED backlit hydro jets, 10 extra-large nozzle rotary hydro jets, 51 air jets, and more.


The ultimate TropicSpa hot tub for relaxation and entertaining, this model seats up to seven bathers, with four therapy seats and three full body lounges.  Five controlled massage zones ensure personalized indulgence, with an incredible 164 therapy jets, including 98 large directional hydro jets, 18 extra-large nozzle rotary hydro jets, one extra-large central rotary turbo jet, and 51 air jets.  You work hard and play hard – give yourself and your loved ones the gift of socialization and relaxation with this exceptional hot tub.

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